Monday, August 27, 2012

The Public Wants

... the Public Gets: Kizomba

Although I told the whole world why love Tarraxha better, I must say I am Happily surprised to see that Kizomba is gaining so much more interest throughout Europe. Personally, I don't like it when something I like becomes commercial and widely spread, but I can't fight this virus spreading ;-) 

The same thing happened when 15 years ago, I was really into Cuban salsa, dancing it with authentic Cuban friends... and then the crowd discovered it, "jan en alleman" became teachers, the US versions came over, and soon the sexy and fun latino dancers left the dance floor so that Mr Geek and Miss China could take over, losing all the soul of this great music and dance along the way. Dancing became a constant competition, girls started wearing adapted shoes and dresses, guys came with their little towels to dry their sweat... and it was fucked. I hope that the same thing doesn't happen to Kizomba, that it stays small scaled and fun, authentic!

In the meantime, one of the first commercial (and not so great) songs came out and even already showed on Trace Tropical. I prefer the Angolan or Cabo Verde ones, but I post the video, because I do find that the great basic steps in this video are showing clearly and it is an accessible song... Next time I will post a great tutorial, one that really helped me a lot! Stay tuned...

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