Monday, June 13, 2011

African Beauty

Beauty, such a subjective topic. I don't feel beautiful (I don't feel ugly neither), and I am genuinely surprised when someone makes a compliment about let's say my ankles or other body part... which makes me think: isn't it fun that we are all different and that there are all kinds of tastes around? I do think that every pot has a cover ;-) Likewise I am surprised sometimes about my girlfriend's taste in men LOL. 

But if I try to generalise and put people in categories I am very clear: I think the most pretty girls and men are to be looked for in the african community. When they are beautiful, they are VERY beautiful and often very natural and also humble, which adds to their beauty. Dark skin is soft and strong. Some tribes are more pretty then others, but many black men have a beautiful back and body structure. Black woman have beautiful waist and legs. Some of them have the almond eyes and strong cheek-bones that gives them such a proud expression.

I am tired of the images in the magasines with girls who all look the same. People whom have gone to the doctor to correct their features all end of looking the same and quite ridiculous. If you travel around the world you find the most amasing looking people on all continents, in every country, of every age!!!!... Why can't they be promoting our products, why aren't they invited to show the clothes we will ware next season?

In my family we use quite often the expression: "beautiful from far, but far from beautiful". Often it is true for a superficial, beautiful person on the outside, who becomes more and more ugly when you know her/him better... the arrogance from inside rubs off on the outside. Luckily it works the other way around too! beauty on the inside rubs off on the outside! 

This little post is for you to understand that whatever you were blessed with on the outside, learn to bring out it's best value and work on the inside for it to become even more pretty. Accept the compliments and cherish them. Live healthily, eat well and do some sports. Love your friends and treat them well... you ARE beautiful!

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