Monday, July 4, 2011

Life Begins at the End of your Comfort Zone

For those of you who have read me from the start, you might remember that I decided to make some radical changes and promises at the eve of last year... 6 months exactly have gone by and I wanted to update you on my life, as I seem to have quite successfully managed to turn it around for the better.

My little girl:
Mila is every day more pretty, more intelligent and easier to deal with. She has passed her grades without blinking and is now enjoying a 3-weeks holiday in Brasil. I miss her loads but I am such a proud and happy mum.

Perfect friends:
I always have and continue to have fantastic friends whom I can rely on! Recent changes in my life have changed my routine and taken lots of time away from being with them, and I would like to thank them for their patience. I hope that soon I will be managing my own routine a bit better and can start giving them more attention again. I guess you know who you are (in doubt send me a message ;-) and love you loads!!

Not so perfect family:
A part from the family that doesn't invite us anymore, I am very very grateful that I have my mum, dad and sister. Following my post in May on family I have also adopted a few new members into the family... so we have that on track!

A healthy and responsible way of living:
I have been consistently consuming less and more ethically. My cupboards are full with organic food and ecological products. I eat salads and fruit every day. I continue to share my food with my friends :-)
I swim every Sunday I can and have started wrestling on Tuesdays in Geneva (but the season is over, so I need to wait until September to start the courses again). It was the only sport I could find around where my weight might actually come in handy at some point!!

A new job:
I signed my contract at a Swiss Private Bank on June 1st. I have a great job, in a nice company and a fantastic boss. I have a great team of 5 working for me. Although the bankers in general are not my cup of tea, I seem to have found a way to adapt to them... the question remains to see if they can adapt to me too, only time can tell :-)

A new life:
As a consequence, I have started renting a place in Geneva. It's close to the station, centre Geneva and I just love it. It is nearly empty but has good vibes. I am looking forward to invite my friends here so that they can enjoy this wonderful city, between lake and mountains! This is where I live now, during the week and in between travelling. There are worst places...

A new man:
I just stumbled upon him to be honest. He is lucky to be the brother of a friend, otherwise I might have not granted him with a look :-) It does proof my theory of all times: you don't have to look for a boyfriend as it is when you need him least and don't look for him that he will find you. We are just starting off, and although age and race does set us apart (among other things), we seem to be really into each other. Affaire a suivre ;-)

So really, what does a girl like me really need to be happy? I have it all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy Monday! 

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