Thursday, August 25, 2011

A Series of Bad Decisions

Can ruin one’s life… I continue to refuse putting people into pre-labeled boxes. I sometimes feel the reflex to judge before knowing but always try to push this away and give the person in front of me a chance to prove me wrong. Is that so hard to understand?

Recent events have shown that many of my friends are not ready to give everyone these same chances. They continue to stigmatise people not realising that they are the first ones to be stigmatised.

Recent events have however also shown the great trust people have in me! And how many people love me… although they do not agree with my actions and decisions, they trust me to be strong enough to carry whatever weight on my shoulders and continue to support me unconditionally… for that, my dear friends and relatives, I thank you. I LOVE you all!

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Liesje said...

She loves me...Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!