Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Judging the Book by its Cover

Boxes, labels, dress codes, references…. so many ways we have invented to be able to classify everyone around us. When we aren't able to label someone properly we become suspicious.

We are afraid of what we don't know - xenophobia. We are also afraid of not fitting into the appropriate box. 

I have been thinking a lot about my friends. They are all so different. They come from so many different boxes, classes, backgrounds. 
I wondered what were the common values of these people for me to relate to them. And I did come up with a few:

- my friends have pure hearts: they all are genuine people, honest and kind. most of them would go through fire for the ones they love

- my friends are no materialists: they prefer their freedom rather then being slaves of the money or possessions they might have. they are generous with what they have and don't abuse my generosity.
- my friends are faithful: no need to catch up all the time or see each other frequently. when I see my friends, it is as if time has stood still… we pick up the thread right were we left it and needn't explain what we are feeling… we just know

- my friends are open-minded: back to our boxes. most of my friends understand that I am not to be put in a box, nor that I put people in boxes. I judge people from their present, not their past. I judge them according to my interaction with them, not someone else's. I allow my friends to be whom they want to be, do what they want to do, as long as they respect me and the world surrounding us

- my friends are smart: I don't mean educated, but smart. I have difficulties hanging around people who aren't intelligent. I have great respect for "survivors", people whom - without having had the proper education, without having attended the best schools or been given the opportunity to learn - are still able to get it right, find a way to construct a business, create a family… 

- to all my dear friends, please react to this post by completing our list of common values...

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Anonymous said...

My Choupette,

Your friends are lucky to know you, you spice our life. And you are lucky to had the opportunity to meet them :).
Life is hard and it is difficult to keep being a good person and a good friend. It is so easy to become selfish, materialist,...But making efforts and having good friends we realise that life is beautiful.