Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Just in Time

Once more... Running for the plane. For a few months now I have been taking the plane weekly. Missed it only twice but have been running for it more and more frequently. When doing something new, it seems I am very concentrated and making sure that there is structure, or even buffer foreseen. I used to print boarding passes a day ahead, pack the night before, leave on time, and avoid the traffic jams. Now I forget to print the boarding pass, pack in the morning, leave late and take the ring, to find myself running on high heels in the airport building (where I do know all the shortcuts).

Which makes me realise that it is like that with most things. When we get used to performing the same actions we stop thinking about them... And when we get complacent we start making mistakes. Taking it to a different level: When we get used to the people around us, there is also a risk of taking this person for granted. We should avoid taking anyone for granted, as no one is forced to be your friend. A relationship, even with your relatives, should never be left unattended.

- Cherish the people that count for you and make sure you do lots of exciting things with them to avoid the drain and constraints of daily life
- Communicate, talk about the good and the bad things... The day you stop discussing, your relationship is in trouble (but boy do I wish that Mila stops talking that much)!
- Dare to pronounce the words "I love you"... Also for friends and family
- Don't forget my grandma's wise advise and make lots of love to your partner: nothing is more re-assuring and relaxing as good sex ;-)

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