Friday, January 13, 2012

It was about time!

... I took the opportunity to get back into writing. I friend of mine told me he likes my writing style... don't know if that was:
a - pure flattery to get me into his bed
b - politeness
c - a way to make sure I would continue to spill my private life upon your screens
d - all of the above

But as usual, I hear only what I want to hear and to me it was purely because I am extremely talented, and I decided I shall no longer put that talent to waist: I am back!

Now, little recap since I created the blog a year ago: I was in a start-life crises (too young for mid-life), and wanted to change everything. So far, so good! 
- I have a new job, challenging as ever, fun and well paid
- I have a new boyfriend, challenging as ever, fun and well f**d
- I still eat only organic food when possible (thanks to the well paid job)

So what shall be the resolutions for 2012? 
- More time for my friends... for one! Traveling between Brussels and Geneva hasn't been good on my social life
- Work out a plan for the next 10 years of my life: moving? more kids? different career?
- Catch up time with Mila and Lais
- Consolidate my love-life (oh my God, I talk like a consultant!!)

No, but really, 2011 has been tiring, and turbulent. I will tell you all about it in my upcoming posts. For now, Happy New Year to all (23/1 is Chinese New Year too, so Happy Year of the Dragon). Lots of kisses from Hong Kong

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