Tuesday, September 20, 2011


So, some of you might know that I have a six-year old, who sometimes behaves like a 14-year old, named Mila. Mila is half Belgian and half Brazilian, but claims that she is "Brasileira". She also says that I am blond (meaning white) and she is brown... not black but brown and compares herself to some mixed African friends of her. She has light brown hair, fair and sensitive skin and brown eyes... not so "metisse" if you ask me! 

Mila might not have my hair colour or blue eyes, but she does have my character. I think it is God's revenge for what my parents have had to suffer. I know Mila will make me suffer. I resent her teenage years already...

It kind of started this summer, the teenage attitude. Mila went on a 3 week holiday to her family in Brazil, with her dad, without her mum. While I worked my ass off in Geneva and other very exotic places, Mila spent her time riding horses at the fazenda, or playing with her cousin or half brothers. She then didn't want to come back. She also didn't want to be with me anymore. Hysterically crying to stay with her dad.

It was still summer period and on her request she had been booked for a few exciting camps, one of which at the sea side. She cried for days, hysterically, even in her sleep, not to have to go... finally had no choice, went, loved it, and came back wanting only her mum, no longer he dad... go figure! 

So now we are still there: Mila cries every week when I leave to work in Geneva, tightly holding my scarf, with my perfume. I wonder what will be next...

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