Monday, October 1, 2012


I have been less infatuated with Facebook the past weeks, the reason being that I have a new addiction: Pinterest. I have pinned enough projects to be busy until the rest of my life!! I have even purchased a sewing machine, and tons of material and supplies for all those projects, of which so far I have done none... Because I am too busy pinning and planning my next moves.

It also turns out that it is not that good for my self-esteem... when you get re-directed to all those fabulous blogs, of superwomen who cook the most delicious food (with ingredients from their very own garden of course), sew their own clothes, and are able to vamp-up about anything, live in the perfect home and are able to entertain their 5 kids in the most responsible way... I feel like a failure. Man, how to they do that! AND find the time to write about it, sharing all of that with the community? Do their days have more hours? They must have a time-machine or something: Men in Black, you were right, the world is infested with aliens!

Anyways, I DID spend the whole day yesterday vamping up the playground at my kids school AND might soon finish my first sewing project (of which the inspiration didn't come from Pinterest, but from the garbage can, where I found a maxi-cosy that I decided to clean and up-grade ;-) )... Stay tuned for the results!

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