Saturday, October 13, 2012


OK, back to Basics: I need to get back to sharing you the backyard of Afrika, the great, the insolite, the fascinating... Honours today to Cameroun.

This country will always be special to me, as it is the most recent African experience I have and I really love the few years I spent there. The Camerounese are special, not always in a good way, BUT they have a lot of things going for them... PINGUISS!

PINGUISS is a new dance/ music style, invented in the streets of Douala, by an artist called Daniel BAKA'A. It's danced like the Ndombolo, the Bikutsi, the Makossa or even Coupé-décalé, but it is NOT Coupé-décalé, as the singer points out in his song. What makes this dance so popular is probably it's FREEDOM: you can dance it as you want, the only importance is the rhythm (God knows that is already a challenge to many). The only thing you need is a good physical condition... beware of your hips! :-) I have to restrain myself, before I break my foot again!!!

So Pump up the Jam, make some space and let yourself go: Rhythm is a Dancer! (ok, I might be a bit abusive of these titles)

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