Sunday, May 5, 2013

Guardian Stone of Travelers

My passion for the stone Malachite began in 1986, when I discovered this stone laid out on the floor in Zaire, where sales men tried to sell us beautiful pieces for small prices. Since, Malachite is for me the "stonification" of Africa, the one stone that takes my mind instantly to Mother Africa. I once even bought really expensive sunglasses from Dior (with my tiny wage), JUST because they had small fake Malachite stones set into the sides... How typical that I now find out that this stone is said to be the Guardian Stone of Travelers!!

Malachite comes from ancient Greek "moloché", which originally means mauve, though the most famous type of malachite is known for its green hue. An opaque stone with light and dark striations, malachite was mined as early as 4,000 BC by the ancient Egyptians. Its distinctive shade results from the presence of copper. Because of its recognisable green color and the fact that it usually accompanies copper deposits, malachite is used as a guide when prospecting for this metal. The most beautiful stones come from RDC and Australia.

I am really happy to have discovered that the beautiful house of Van Cleef and Arpels has issued an entire collection with Malachite this year. Unfortunately the pieces are too expensive for me... But each time I pass in front of this jeweler (just around the corner of my office in Geneva), I stop and dream of Africa!

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