Thursday, May 23, 2013

Tribel Art

OK, In general I don't really fancy the Dutch... I checked the audience I have on this blog before starting my post ;-) seems they don't like me neither! BUT that is in general. In not general, there are some Dutch whom I like, and also some great artists (and pretty girls and tall men).

Today I would like you to take a look at Dutch photographer Ingrid Baars, and more in particular her collection of pictures called "L'Afrique!". Love the way she plays with contrasts and light, while merging african tribal art and strong african faces, sensual bodies. Note the occasional accessory by Jean-Paul Gauthier. I love the complex and contemporary take on the subject, although I find most images a little tacky. Only a few would fit in my living room, but I still think that this is very inspiring work!

What do you think?

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