Saturday, February 26, 2011

Passion for Life

Jewelry! Slowly but surely I am introducing you to what makes my heart beat faster. We have had Music Africa, Art, Wax, Tulipes, but I should be telling you about my passion for jewelry! Since I was a little girl I starting creating jewelry with beads. I have done quite a few pieces I am still proud of, but really missed my calling. I am now sure that if I had to start my life again, I would have become a jewelry designer and creator! So I compensate my passion by admiring (unfortuntaly not buying, for that I would need to meet a rich man ;-) jewelry created by beautiful artists around the world. Today, I introduce you to Ippolita, created by a woman. She is the queen of Bangles to me. Her bracelets have all my favourite ingredients: colour, simple design but beautiful quality and an modern, edgy look. Enjoy!

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