Thursday, March 3, 2011

To Wax or Not To Wax

Reminds me I have to cancel my appointment at the spa tomorrow... In between all the exciting traveling and new consulting contract in Switzerland, I stumbled upon some work of a designer called Ituen Basi from Nigeria. While my African dress (post will follow as soon as ready) is on its way by designer Catherine Alhinc in Paris, Ituen does exactly what we are trying to achieve for my own dress: lift the wax prints to European standards, with beautiful, wearable dresses in vibrant colours. Take a look and enjoy. More and more I would like to open a shop dedicated to these beautiful pieces from all over Africa. I just think that Belgium isn't the right place to do this, as the people might not be ready for this? Which location should I consider for my business case?


joke said...

Brussels should get ready for it dammit
Like it a lot

Sara said...

Thanks Joke... maybe we will develop this together ;-)