Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Cleanup Has Started

I am finally getting going... 2011 is a turning point, remember? But little action followed so far. So with a 3-months delay, and a week relaxing in Cyprus behind me, I have taken my first resolution: a more healthy and responsible way of living. Starting with a healthier approach to food: less sugar, less fat, less meat, more vegetables and more responsible consumption. It is not a diet as such. I choose full fat organic yoghurt and cheese for example, but eat less of everything except greens and try to cut the non-natural sugar. I am not a diet person, it would drive me nuts (but gosh I would need it ;-), but I agree to making sure everything I put in my mouth (I am talking about food guys, don't get too excited here!) is screened beforehand and received the labels: "really ok to eat?" and "quite responsibly produced?". Second part of the resolution has to do with doing sports. Since I hurt my hip last year in Croatie I can't do much, BUT I will resume swimming, at least once a year. Mila comes with me so that is also perfect for our mother-daughter activities. Last part of the resolution is to make sure I don't over-consume. No un-needed shopping and when buying trying to make sure that ecologically and/or socially responsible... again I will never be an extremist, but the thought of trying my best makes me quite happy... If I can put this first resolution in action then I will start a second one; One Step at a Time!


Kiafrika Ndoa said...

Waouw! I am pretty impressed!!! Careful you don't become a boring person... keep it extravagant hè

Sara said...

Not to worry.. I can't become boring ;-) I am too much of a nuisance for that, plus never wanna be like everyone else!! lol