Monday, March 21, 2011

Love the Brits

So I already told you that I went to see my dad in Cyprus. I talked my friend Valentine into coming with me, explaining to her that these would be cheap holidays: Ryanair ticket: 50 euro up and down - check! living for free at my dad's house - check! having someone drive us around at no charge - check!... what I forgot to tell her is that shopping in the UK chains all over Cyprus is awesome! Debenhams and M&S here we come!!!!!!

Anyone with a size 16-18 (read 46 in developed countries) will agree with me: over here we have to squeeze ourselves into a "large" 44 and hope it looks ok. And forget about Mango or Zara or Massimo Duti... they don't talor for fat people. No the fatties have to go to special brands for the "size +" like Paprika or Ulla... buerk. I don't want to look shapeless, have elastic bands in each of my waistbands, and skip every trend around. Cleavage is also no longer allowed, at least that's what the clothes for fat people seem to tell me. The other option is to shop at brands for older people like Un Jour Ailleurs or Betty Barclay... OMG!!

Thank God for the UK people for being larger, thanks for their brands to have realised and for producing the cute outfits in MY size... 16 and 18 seem to be STANDARD in most UK brands.. they even have 20 or 22 (I will make sure I never will need those ;-) I came back with a suitcase worth hundreds and now just need to find the right occasions to show my pieces off...

PS: The dress I will ware at my sister's wedding is finished and looks gorgeous! I will post on that soon ;-)
These are a few of the pieces I have bought... wouhou, thanks Mr Credit Card

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