Friday, March 18, 2011


Kuduru (or kuduro) is a type of Angolan music born in the late 80s. It is uptempo, energetic and definitely danceable ;-) It started when musicians started mixing 'batida' (African percussions mixed with calypso and soca) with Western electronic music on the rise in Europe and in the US. The Angolan MC Sebem is credited with starting the genre. The part that makes me smile is that although the name Kuduru is apparently a word with a specific meaning in the Kimbundu languages, it translates to "hard ass" or "stiff bottom" in Portuguese!! What is interesting as a take-away though is the fact that this musical genre is the proof that West African music DOES hold commonality with modern Western music: cultural boundaries and limitations within the musical spectrum are constantly shifting and being redefined. And I just love to watch the videos 'cause it is amasing how these people move to the music! Check it out!!

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