Sunday, March 13, 2011

My Daughter in Peru

4 years ago I bought my first piece of property... It didn't go as planned, as my husband left me without warning, in front of the notary. I can still recall the words: "I don't wanna do this" "Do what? I thought you agreed to buy this loft?" "I want to get divorced..." Boom, bang, crash: my world fell apart. The man I loved so much and the father of our little Mila (then 2y old) had decided to leave me (for a nicer woman), instead of signing the contract. One month later I was back into the notary's office and bought the loft, on my own. A whole new life started: new place to live, no more partner, a little girl to take care of.
And then faith put a new person into my life: Laïs
Laïs and I were both in need of each other and that is how it happened, I adopted her ;-) She was around 16 at the time and started spending more and more time with us. She had full access to the house, and full confidence. She helped me a lot with Mila and I enjoyed her company. I think I helped her loads as well...
Now that chapter has closed too, as she moved to Peru to become someone famous there!
I miss you Laïs.

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Laïs said...

No es un capitulo serado, no lo creo y no lo quiero tampoco.
Siempre sera mi otra mama.
Tal vez esa experiencia me mostrara que no puedo vivir lejos de ti y de Mila.
Te extrano mucho Sara!
Nos vemos muy pronto.