Saturday, April 9, 2011

Contemplating Life

I am such a spoiled, lucky girl! I would like to dedicate this little post to all the people with whom I get to share this crazy, fantastic life: among them Lais & Mila, the crazy single girls I hang out with - girlpower! (zotte Cecile, tante F, Amely I can Fly, Jojo), the stable married couples showing me to have faith (E&J, V&G, N&C), the gay enriching my life (nonkel R,  S&S), the delicious men (toudou, doudou, SH), my fantastic neighbours, colleagues (old & new) and my family of course... Don't forget that life is short!!


C├ęcile said...

Thanks a lot, my Precious Cosmic friend, for this important words... Still soooooooooooo much to live with You ;-)

Amely said...

My Choupette you make me fly!!! Please don't change and continue to enjoy your life as you do. I love you. Life is short but full a so nice people. Bizzzz