Thursday, April 28, 2011

Flight delayed...

Time to reflect on my life...

Not that reflecting is my strongest quality, after all, I am a real blond!

Watching people is actually more fun, especially when stuck in airports. First of all there are people from many different places and I love to guess where they are from. Only thing is I the have to sneak up to them to hear the language they speak to know if I was right. Or try to see their passport... tricky without looking like a freak! 

Secondly it is so easy to separate the occasional travels from the frequent flyers... wondering about, obstructing anyone who knows their way around. One advise to you dear tourists: follow the guy in the suit... he'll get you where you need to be! 

Funny also to watch those who have difficulties managing their stress, yelling at their partners, screaming at the kids, all over the place with pick-nicks... or just sweating (also good to watch people's faces during take off and landing). 

Usually the same people who set off the beeps on security control, do have a large bottle of liquids (don't the read?) and want to go to the bathroom during taxi-ing... really!

Luckily I am flying European, 'cause when it gets to Africa... OMG; but that's another story!

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