Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Dark side of my Traveling

Tuesday morning... early. I take my car, drive to the metro station, leave it there, take a metro to the train station, take the Eurostar. In London, I make my way through the tube and walk to the office. Later that day, I take a taxi to Paddington station, a fast train to the airport and a plane to Geneva. I arrive in Geneva around 22h, walk to the train station, take a train into the city and walk to my hotel: check in time 23h15. You tell me if traveling for business is fun, or glamourous... 
I mostly experience it as exhausting and lonely (and diner-less). 
But sometimes you get lucky and you have the opportunity to meet very special people... randomly. 
Or experience very different situations... unexpectedly.
This little post is dedicated to the random people and situations that brighten my day. 
Details do matter. 

Every time I am in Geneva, I walk across the Pont du Mont Blanc to go from my hotel to the office.
It is gorgeous, the picture was taken with my phone, and doesn't render the beauty of the scene.

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